Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Architecture of SF

Building on Post St.

Building on Post St.

Building on Post St.

House on Haight St.

Church on Haight St.

Ornate stoop on Haight St.

SFO Check-in.

San Francisco was a nice change of scenery. Upon my arrival, my friend - Jason gave me a nonchalant tour through San Francisco's maze of winding roads that led up and down steep hills. It seemed pointless to ask him where we were headed since I immediately felt lost after the second or third turn. Driving along the streets would disorient any layman's sense of direction.

Not that it mattered. I was too busy marveling at the architecture to even care where we were headed. Unlike the minimal stucco variations commonly found in Los Angeles, San Francisco's buildings were modeled with an ornate aesthetic in mind. As an aesthetic-minded person, I could appreciate all the Victorian details from stoop to rooftop. The most vivid of buildings called Painted Ladies are usually set apart by an exterior polychrome color scheme. Being immersed in this endless sea of old Victorian buildings felt like time-travel.

While the buildings are frozen in time, the local people seem unfazed by their surroundings. I suppose when you see something everyday, it's not that exciting. Life keeps going for them. Regardless, San Franciscans should know that they live in an unadulterated, chic nest. With that said, there's not much dedicated material written about San Francisco's Victorian architecture. That's something I want to research.

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