Friday, November 27, 2009

Thrice @ The House of Blues (Anaheim)

Happy Thanksgiving!! Wednesday night, Brian, Roy, and I went to the Thrice concert at The House of Blues in Anaheim. To be honest, it was my second rock concert ever, but I was prepared to be an antagonist in the crowd of hardcores and hipsters. I never thought Thrice's music could get people violent. But when Dustin and Teppei got started, all hell broke loose for the rest of the show. Even though I sang screamed along to all the Beggars songs, I also moshed my way to victory!

Toward the end of the concert, "a fan" verbalized outloud that he didn't come to see Thrice close with "melodramatic shit." I wasn't only annoyed with the self-serving sentiments, but also with how people can't find value in diversity. As Brian rhetorically noted later, "Really? You wanna hardcore dance to every song? Really?" Some of those fat asses never ran a quarter-mile in their lives.

Anyway! Here's the new video for Thrice's "In Exile"