Wednesday, October 27, 2010

French Dip Sandwich Part 1: Brent's Deli

Plenty of thin-sliced roast beef layers.
Often, you hear about Philippe's, Cole's, and Langer's, all of which are located in Los Angeles, for having the best deli sandwiches in California. While I don't dispute claims that they make fine sandwiches, I would argue that location plays a large part in how these restaurants have earned their reputation.

For those of us who can't make the trip to L.A. just for a nice sandwich, we make due with our own cities' modest attractions. Anyone from the 818 Valley should know about Brent's Delicatessen. Started in 1967, Brent's is a family-run restaurant that offers a fine selection of sandwiches, smoked fish, baked goods, and soups. The kosher and non-kosher meats satisfy hundreds of hungry customers daily, especially those within the large Jewish community.

After work, I stopped by Brent's in Westlake for a French dip sandwich with au jus on the side. While Brent's is most known for their pastrami, I had no doubt that their roast beef would be just as good. In fact, I would recommend that whenever one orders a sandwich from Brent's, you eat the sandwich alone like a meat-lusting carnivore. Disregard the dinosaur-sized French fries and coleslaw until you finish the sandwich. They're good, but unimportant.

Brent's Delicatessen & Restaurant
19565 Parthenia St. Northridge, CA 91324
2799 Townsgate Rd. Westlake, CA 91361

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