Monday, October 26, 2009

Nike Human Race 10K

Last Saturday, I ran the Nike 10K at USC with my friends - Natalie, Howard, and Randy. Our times?

Randy: 48 minutes.
Me: 53 minutes.
Natalie and Howard: 54 minutes.

Initially, we wanted to stay together as a pack. But over the course of the race, we decided that it was better to run at our own paces. At least, we accomplished our goal of running under 55 minutes.

A lot of people turned out for the race in their complimentary Nike Dri-Fit shirts. Over the course of the race, we lost sight of one another in the sea of red. I, on the other hand, thought that it was too hot to run in the shirt and I decided to run with my white singlet. I ended up being an easy target for others to pass me up throughout the race.

Overall, I wasn't tired or sore during or after the race. Yet my legs couldn't run any faster. Next year, I hope to shatter my time.

My team's aspirations were very high.

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