Friday, October 2, 2009

Freedom of Beats in L.A.

Last night, my friends and I checked out Freedom of Beats at the 7 Bar & Lounge in L.A. It was a live event for DJs to showcase whatever the hell they want - numerous, lost hip-hop classics and unconventional songs that you wouldn't normally here at the club.

I thought I knew more about hip hop than the average guy. But after the jungles and the esses came and filled the room, I realized that I don't know NADA. That night, I realized that I need to be listening to more Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, and Sugarhill Gang.

Today, DJing is an overshadowed occupation that, ironically, archives and chronicles the hip-hop classics for our listening pleasure. There would be no MC without a DJ backing him up. Anyway, I left very inspired by all of the DJs' performances. Here's a few videos from the event.

PacDiv - Mayor
Spun by DJ Steve1der

Nas - Made You Look
Spun by DJ Revolution

Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
Spun by DJ Melo-D

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